Protect Your Loved Ones
Enzyme and Probiotic Cleaning Solutions are much safer for the user as well as for everyone in the vicinity. Unlike the conventional cleaners, they are not shy to show the backside of their bottles!
Protect You Home
Enzymes and Probiotics provide effective cleaning and disinfection and help get rid of viruses, bacteria and mites without any danger of creating resistsnce!
Protect the Nature
Most of the reactions lead to totally harmless byproducts, but even in case of residual products, they are full biodegradable in less than 30 days!
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Dear Friend,
Your time is valuable, so I'll get right to the point. 
I need your opinion!

After years in the cleaning business, both I and my business partner developed allergies and sensitivity towards the conventional cleaning materials.

In addition, more and more of our clients, especially those with pets and small children at home, started refusing to even let us use such conventional cleaning solutions in their homes. 

Using baking soda and vinegar (as effective as these are in a lot of cases), simply did not do the trick for professional cleaning. We tried the green cleaning materials on the market, but unfortunately they did not pass our tests either.

...and right when we were out of ideas my partner's son, who is biologist, gave us the perfect solution!!! 

                             Anzymes and Probiotics!!

Turns out that finally there is an effective, greener, nature safe and healthier alternative!

These are next generation cleaning solutions that are as effective and often a lot more effective than conventional cleaning materials & that are generally safe to use and cause no harm to the environment!

We were so excited that we went out there and after a lot of product reviews, supplier meetings and rigorous testing finally established a formula be believe to be the best on the market!

We are launching the first 3 products from the product line in the next two months and we would appreciate you help to perfect them even more by sharing your opinion.

Thank you!

Aleks from
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